Friday, February 27, 2015

Dark Corners Horror Movie Reviews

This is a very funny Youtube channel where they review all kinds of horror movies, specializing in the particularly bad ones.  This is what happens when you're stuck inside for too long during a spectacularly harsh Canadian winter.  Dark Corners

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Thanks for all the support and reviews fellow scary fanatics!   The Dulcet Jones machine has had a few new parts added that are still in the learning curve phase but a couple of new singles will be appearing in the next month or so featuring some new sounds and composition adventures.  Stay afraid, my friends.    Here's a photo of the new drummer.....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holly's Horrorland

"A Collection of Creepy Curiosities" - This is a cool blog that brings you new and interesting aspects of the spooky/horror/creepy world on a regular basis, check it out at Holly's Horrorland

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gravediggers Local 16 Review - Both Dulcet Jones Ablums

If you haven't checked out the Gravediggers Local 16 blog, you should.  Regular entertaining updates of interest to haunters and halloween/horror fans are always showing up, and today the review of both of my albums was posted.  See what they have to say here.  New Review

Monday, September 1, 2014

"More Halloween, I'm Afraid" Review

Dulcet Jones - More Halloween, I'm Afraid, self-released 2014 - 4/5

1. Asylum Wedding, 2. Lobotomy Ward, 3. More Halloween, I'm
Afraid, 4. Night Circus, 5. November First Coming Down, 6. Red
Narasimha, 7. Release The Bats, 8. Steampunk Lullaby

Here's an instrumental album which brings atmospheric tracks with a
horroresque feel. The song writing accents moods rather than
techniques which is a great option when applied to a soundtrack. Jim Graham - the multi-instrumentalist behind Dulcet Jones, did it successfully as
every track here tells a different story.

Asylum Wedding” sounds slow and melancholic but you'd surely expect some scary voices to come in with such guitar and bass arrangements. “Lobotomy Ward” comes out perhaps a little too gentle compared to what the title could suggest, though the entire composition is well done with a haunting, spacey mood and delicate guitar tones. On the contrary, in “More Halloween, I'm Afraid” there's a little dialogue between the bass and high-pitched guitar, all wrapped up in a ghostly 'boooo!' atmosphere. A beautiful Russian ballerina accompanied by red nosed clowns may come up in your mind with “Night Circus”. Next, there's “November First, Coming Down” - a nostalgic acoustic song which is not deprived of darker moments. The piano based “Red Narasimha” may sound as delicate as a feather, but the low tuned synth accompanied by a bit of echoing makes an intriguing contrast and attracts the listeners' attention. “Release the Bats” has an old school gothic feel thanks to a notoriously graded bass and noisy guitars but the composition becomes a bit shallow and experimental at times. Finally, what would you expect to hear in a song entitled “Steampunk Lullaby”? Steam SFX of course. And a bit of an old music box vibe. They are all there but also a spacey, ambient arrangement which finishes the album and in addition, mixes with “Asylum Wedding” very well. If you're tired of simple, rowdy music, make sure you get this album, which will surely fill your imagination with dozens if ideas.

Katarzyna “NINa” Gornisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, August 27 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Steampunk Lullaby Comments

Deacon Fawkes said "Steampunk Lullaby - Anthem to the Mysterious, a post apocalyptic anthem wrapped in retro splendour". Thanks Deacon. And my sister said "OMG THIS IS HORRIFIC LOL. I FEEL LIKE I AM IN AN OLD 40'S INSANE ASYLUM" Thanks, I think....

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sometimes I Scare Myself - "Lobotomy Ward"

Where I grew up there was a very large asylum a few miles away that I had the chance to go into from time to time(as an employee in an unrelated capacity). While I am pretty sure there were no lobotomy patients(victims?) residing there I did see several very lost souls lounging about and often wondered what could be going on inside their heads. Then one day recently while I was experimenting with the effect settings on one of my guitar amplifiers I recorded what was to become the bed track for this song. Then I got out the synth and when I was done this is what I had recorded. As usual I left it for few days thinking I'll want to make some changes when I get back to it but when I listened to it a few days later the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I started to recall my visits to the asylum, so I left it as it was.